Bring new cultures, traditions and friendships to your community!

Interested in a role with a rewarding purpose?  

Local Coordinators support host families and students from all over the world participating in Academic Year in America exchange programs.  

You could be the key to making your community a little brighter. Local Coordinators play a vital part in transforming lives and creating enriching experiences for students, families and communities. 

What makes a great Local Coordinator?


Do you...

If you answered “yes” to these questions, this role might be a perfect fit for you!

AYA Local Coordinator's Annual Incentive Trip

The Benefits

Hear from our community of AYA Local Coordinators

“Being a Local Coordinator gives me a rewarding purpose…

"…It is an amazing feeling witnessing the excitement, sense of accomplishment, and happiness with each student as they try new activities, make new friends, and take in every moment of their life in America.”

– Hugh | AYA Local Coordinator, Pennsylvania

"One of the best parts is getting to meet these bright young students from all over the world...

"...sometimes the news can be a little grim and sad and then you meet the young people and you realize that the future is in good hands."

– Regenia | AYA Local Coordinator, Ohio

"I had never traveled outside of the US before becoming a Local Coordinator...

"….and now I've been to Europe numerous times, been to Central America, and so having those experiences has been super beneficial."

– Melissa | AYA Local Coordinator, Washington


As a Local Coordinator, you can expect to: 

  1. Network and promote the AYA program through community outreach efforts.
  2. Build strong relationships with local high schools. 
  3. Recruit and select suitable host families that meet the requirements of the program.
  4. Conduct in-home interviews, contact references, and secure enrollment into a local accredited high school. 
  5. Maintain monthly contact with both the student and host family.
  6. Complete online monthly student supervision reports. 
  7. Provide logistical, emotional, and social support to students, host families, and schools.
  8. In the case of an emergency, provide emergency housing in your home for a student you are supervising or identify local suitable emergency housing outside of your home. 
  9. Complete initial and annual trainings, a host family application, and a background check release form.

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